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Basin Electric Donated $500,000 to Hurricane Relief

Basin Electric Power Cooperative announced in September that its directors had approved a half-million dollar donation to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts in Louisiana and Mississippi.

“Basin Electric and its member systems are very proud to do what we can to help with the hurricane relief efforts,” said Ron Harper, Basin Electric CEO and general manager. “As a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, we are part of a nationwide family of electric cooperatives. There are many members of our family who have been devastated by this disaster and we want to do whatever we can to help.” The donation was to be split evenly between the two states, with $250,000 going to Louisiana and $250,000 to Mississippi.

The funds aided cooperative employees and member consumers whose lives and homes had been ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Over the following three weeks, the 1800 employees of Basin Electric and its subsidiaries were also able to add to the donation by contributing vacation time and sick leave. The time donated was converted to its cash equivalent and contributed to the relief effort. Harper said the employee contributions would be over and above the $500,000 donation approved by the board.

Additional relief efforts by electric cooperatives throughout North Dakota and the region were also underway.

Harper said Basin Electric was committed to conducting its business according to the four core values of being a Touchstone Energy Cooperative: commitment to community, integrity, accountability and innovation.

Basin Electric is a consumer-owned, regional cooperative headquartered in Bismarck.

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