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Snapshots from a Lineman Hall of Famer

T&D World editors came across a neat tribute to a retired lineman's induction into the Hall of Fame. Harvey Haven, Bonneville Power Administration's "safety icon," was inducted into the International Lineman Hall of Fame in May of 2015. BPA featured an album on Flickr honoring BPA's "patron saint of safety."

A lineman, superintendent and chief safety officer at BPA, Haven teaches electrical grounding for the agency, as well as for utilities and construction firms across North America. In the 51st year of his professional career, his name joined those of Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday and four dozen others on a black granite monument outside the Hall of Fame’s museum in Shelby, North Carolina.

For an in-depth profile of Harvey Haven and further information on his "dirt box," see Harvey Haven: BPA’s patron saint of safety.

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