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Monitor Advances Power Quality Monitoring and Cuts Reporting Time

ComRent International, LLC, has partnered with Rx Monitoring Services, Inc. to offer the Cx Monitor, a power quality monitoring and reporting technology system.

Available to data centers through ComRent, the Cx Monitor gathers voltage and current data required for commissioning tests and collects temperature and humidity data for up to 100 locations.

Rx Monitoring Services engineered the Cx Monitor specifically for the data industry through in-depth end-user research done in partnership with ComRent that showed a need for a single-monitor solution for voltage logging, high frequency transient monitoring and environmental conditions. The research also identified a need for timely data acquisition, which led to the development of the Cx Monitor’s proprietary software that enables viewing of real-time data and post-processing data. Software and upgrades are offered free with every Cx rental.

The Cx Monitor provides the flexibility to select how to set the triggers, transfer data and develop data sets. It also monitors the dust particle count, temperature and relative humidity, for logging purposes and for documenting the rate of change.

Rx Monitoring Services’ integration of humidity and temperature technology makes the Cx Monitor the first monitor in the data industry to provide this application. This technology diminishes the chance for error with quicker and more accurate reports and provides repeatable testing.

Advanced report writing is a key advantage unique to the Cx Monitor. Users benefit from time savings in downloading and preparing reports as much as 12 times faster than similar products. Commissioning reports are available in less than 1/3 of the normal time. The proprietary software allows users to view live and recorded data through a user-friendly web interface and review basic information for any data point. The convenience offered by the Cx Monitor also extends to customer service; the Cx Monitor is supported by the engineers who developed its hardware and software.

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