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Exacter, Inc. Forms Alliance for Utility Reliability in Mexico with Forestal La Reforma

Exacter, Inc. has awarded an exclusive sales, marketing, and distribution agreement to Forestal La Reforma, of Monterrey, Mexico. Forestal La Reforma is a provider of electric utility infrastructure products and services in Mexico.

“Forestal La Reforma has hit the ground running,” states Larry Anderson, vice president of International Business at Exacter, Inc. “We have already started our first joint project and there are a number of other interesting projects being planned.”

The Mexican utility industry is in a dynamic state of growth right now. Demand from both a growing industrial sector and expanding consumer population is driving the need for improved distribution reliability.

“Look at the news,” said Anderson. “ABB is building new substations, Aclara is deploying AMI technology in Acapulco, new transmission lines to the Yucatan are being built. We are very excited about Mexico because Exacter technology and processes will be an important quality-assurance tool for new construction as well as a means to harden an aging distribution network in the large cities.”

Exacter, Inc. is a provider of outage-avoidance technology and services to the electric utility industry. The EXACTER system provides early warning of failing overhead distribution equipment such as transformers, regulators, insulators, cutouts, and surge arrestors, and detects construction errors and more, utilizing advanced sensor-array technology. Geospatial mapping provides location data used for maintenance prioritization and outage avoidance.

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