Monitor Gathers, Analyzes Data from Anywhere on Transformer

Nov. 1, 2011
ECLIPSE is a transformer monitoring platform for gathering and analyzing data from anywhere and everywhere on a power transformer.

APT has released ECLIPSE, its “next generation” power transformer monitoring platform. The monitor has been designed to allow customers to also monitor virtually everything else on their transformer in real-time.

ECLIPSE is a transformer monitoring platform for gathering and analyzing data from anywhere and everywhere on a power transformer. It gives users the entire picture of a transformer’s health in one convenient device. The monitor handles everything from basic winding temperature monitoring, up to complete LTC condition-based assessment and DGA analysis. It is fully programmable so the user can customize their monitoring scheme with alarm set points using digital and analog inputs from everywhere around their transformer.

ECLIPSE has up to eight analog inputs, up to 12 current inputs and 45 digital inputs, allowing customers to consolidate all of their transformer alarms/data and bring everything back to their SCADA systems from a single device. ECLIPSE can act as a DNP 3.0 or MODBUS master device and easily integrate with gas monitors, bushing monitors, moisture in oil monitors, LTC controllers or virtually any other monitoring device attached to the transformer, thus defining the term “transformer monitoring platform.”

ECLIPSE comes standard with flexible QuickMath and logic equations that enable the user to perform mathematical and Boolean equations using digital and measured analog quantities. This allows the users to define their own loss-of-life monitoring algorithms, calculate time to overload, or create any number of other condition based assessment models using all of the readily available transformer monitoring data.

ECLIPSE packages all of the data from the transformer for transport to SCADA, either via DNP3.0 or MODBUS. ECLIPSE features an intuitive NERC-CIP compliant web-based graphical user interface (GUI), accessible via any web-browser. Through the GUI, users get convenient remote access to view/change settings, view the status of the transformer, analyze data and event logs and view/acknowledge annunciator alarms.

Being a central monitoring platform and consolidating all the information available for the transformer, ECLIPSE creates the opportunity for transformer engineers to monitor their critical assets with a ‘big picture’ perspective. The customizability makes it a suitable tool to conveniently analyze and act upon the increasing amount of monitoring data coming off of today’s transformers.

ECLIPSE is a fully featured transformer monitoring platform featuring:

  • No Calibration Required
  • A secure NERC-CIP conformant web browser with a web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Sun Spot Activity Detection
  • Liquid & Winding Temperature Monitoring
  • Full-Coverage LTC Condition Based Assessment Monitoring
  • 48 Point Annunciator
  • 45 Digital Inputs – Data Concentrator
  • Up to 8 Analog Inputs
  • Up to 12 Auxiliary Current Transformer (CT) Inputs
  • DNP 3.0/MODBUS Master & Slave Functionality
  • Master Interface for gas, bushing, moisture, and other monitoring devices
  • Programmability for a Multitude of Loss of Life, Time to Overload and other Condition Based Assessment models
  • Lifetime Warranty

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