Line Life Podcast: Spotlight on Substation Work with Parker Worth

Feb. 16, 2023
For our February 2023 Line Life podcast, Parker Worth shares stories about his life as a substation superintendent in the Pacific Northwest.

Last fall, I worked on a story called Travelers in the Trade for T&D World magazine about workers who are frequently on the road. One of those individuals--Parker Worth--has spent more time in hotels than at his own home in Washington over the last decade. 

Our February 2023 Line Life podcast shines the spotlight on Parker's career and his life on the road as a substation superintendent. He shares his experiences managing large-scale substation projects and also talks about issues including deterring copper theft and wildlife intrusion at substations. 

During the early part of his career as a journeyman wireman, Worth also traveled the world performing electrical work. He talks about what it was like upgrading electrical systems in 20 different countries and what he learned during his overseas adventures. 

To listen to the February 2023 podcast, click on the link above. You can also send us an email or voice memo to [email protected] with your comments on this episode or suggestions for future guests. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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