FAQ: Why You Should Consider LiLz Battery-Powered Cameras for Equipment Monitoring

Feb. 27, 2024
Cordless, battery-operated cameras capture analogue gauge readings for reliable, remote equipment monitoring even in potentially dangerous environments

The transition to digitized operations is in full swing, but companies that are just beginning the digitization journey are still balancing digital and manual operations. Most companies are not prioritizing analog gauge digitization in their investment plans, which means they continue to rely on patrol inspections to manage equipment health. But there is a better solution.

Battery-operated LiLz cameras are a reliable alternative to patrol inspections and can be installed indoors or outdoors in older facilities. Using cameras in high-risk work environments not only simplifies monitoring, but also removes workers from potentially dangerous conditions.

Unlike smart meters, which require electrical wiring, battery-operated cameras are cordless, which simplifies installation as well as operation. Once the cameras are installed, they require minimal upkeep and maintenance, and they are unaffected by power disruptions and outages. Long-life batteries allow the cameras to function for years, and when the batteries are depleted, they can be recharged by plugging in a USB cord.

For many companies, battery-powered cameras are the bridge between analog and digital operations, allowing critical operational data to be gathered via remote inspection and applying AI analyzing functions to improve safety.

Download this FAQ to learn more about how LiLz cameras can streamline inspections, reduce risk, and lessen operational costs in facilities of any age.

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