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Improve Efficiency with Enhanced Situational Awareness

Utilities are often times required to span different worlds and meet the needs of both rural and densely populated urban areas.


Improve Efficiency with Enhanced Situational Awareness

Utilities are increasingly challenged by many factors: geographic distance, changing regulations, legacy systems & processes, increasing technological network complexity, and Mother Nature. Having a complete picture of what is happening provides improved safety, more efficient work practices, and better estimated restoration times. Enhanced situational awareness is key to efficiency.

In this webinar you will learn, through real-world examples, how enhancing situational awareness supports operations, and that by integrating data from any source - complex GISs, real-time asset data, GPS location, corporate systems, and external cloud-based sources - you can gain a live, geospatial picture of your operation. Find out how today’s tools and technologies can deliver this mission-critical intelligence to everyone across departments, online or offline—in the office or in the field.

See how enhanced situational awareness benefits everyone throughout a utility, driving improvements in safety, productivity, network reliability, and customer satisfaction.


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