Bronzeville microgrid plan ComEd

IEEE PES T&D Show Blog: Technologies to Enhance Grid Resiliency, Reliability and Sustainability

This session was ‘standing room only.’

Renewable and dynamic sources and loads challenge grid resilience, stability and reliable operation. These grid requirements will include the capability to survive disasters, ability to endure fluctuations from dynamic sources and loads, and the intelligence to operate and control with flexibility to system scales and changing topologies. Autonomous operation is a key way to achieve the enhancement of such features. This panel discussed technologies to drive better resilience, reliability and sustainability.

The panelists were from Quanta Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, Eaton Corp and ComEd.

This session provided about 150 seats, all of which were occupied. It was ‘standing room only.’ In fact there were over 50 folks standing. 

The Quanta presentation (Julio Aguero) was very good!  Expect a feature article from ComEd in the June T&D World issue on their Bronzeville microgrid poject. 

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