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Prysmian To Supply Cables for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Village and More

Prysmian Cables & Systems has won two tenders organized by China State Grid, comprising four projects including the Beijing 2008 Olympic Village. Prysmian will supply high voltage energy cables for new key power transmission links in China, in areas such as Beijing (2008 Olympic Village), Shanghai city, Fujian province, Hubei. “The total value of these contracts is approximately 25 million euro,” declared Paolo Bazzoni, recently appointed as CEO Prysmian China . “We consider this achievement strategic for the further reinforcement of Prysmian’s presence in China, particularly in high value-added segments we are strongly targeting (High Voltage and Industrial cables, cables for the renewable energy sector and for the OGP sector), also using our increased capacity currently under construction.” The total orders awarded to Prysmian include 136 km of 220-kV cables and related accessories.

The projects are: Shanghai PSB HV Power Transmission Project, from Shanghai city to Chong Ming and to Jiangsu. This project was jointly invested by Ministry of Communications, National Development and Reform Commission, State Grid, Shanghai Municipal Government and Jiangsu Municipal government, and contracted by State Grid and Shanghai PSB, and all the bridges will be constructed by Ministry of Transportation. The total demand of 220-kV cables for this project is approximately 400 km (the longest power link with 220-kV cables in China). The project is expected to be finished by 2009 and will be managed and operated by Shanghai Municipal Government. The tender won by Prysmian includes approximately 57 km of 220 kV cables and related accessories.

Beijing PSB Olympic Village to Bajia 220-kV power transmission project is part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic project. Prymsian will supply 20 km of 220-kV cables and related accessories.

The national key project Fujian Province Fuzhou to Fengban 220-kV I,II project is the one of the most important in Fujian. Prysmian will supply 19 Km of 220-kV cables and related accessories.

Hubei PSB Qingshan to Beiyangqiao 220 kV power transmission project. Prysmian has won a tender for the supply of 40 Km of 220-kV cables and related accessories. This is the biggest single project of this kind ever won by Prysmian in China. The purpose of this project is also to serve the state-owned giant enterprise Wuhan Iron and Steel Corp, therefore of extremely high importance.

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