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Durable Trencher Digging Teeth

Durable Trencher Digging Teeth

The Ditch Witch organization announces the launch of its longest-lasting digging teeth: DuraTooth and DuraTooth C2X. Since introducing the world’s first compact trencher more than sixty years ago, the Ditch Witch organization has continued to improve trencher technology. One of the company’s many innovations is the cupped digging tooth, which is designed to help the digging chain more efficiently dig a trench. The new DuraTooth and DuraTooth C2X represent the company’s most innovative and durable cupped digging teeth to date.

The DuraTooth has up to 35 percent more tungsten carbide—on the surface, in the base metal, and in the weld—than any competitors’ standard cupped tooth, resulting in a product that lasts longer and reduces customer downtime and expense. Tungsten carbide protects the cutting edge, where the greatest impact from the soil occurs, to ensure greater durability and performance.

While the DuraTooth is designed to be the longest-lasting digging tooth in the industry, the new DuraTooth C2X is in a class by itself. The Ditch Witch organization’s premium cupped digging tooth, the DuraTooth C2X features tungsten carbide on the front, back, and cutting edge—up to 70 percent more tungsten carbide than that of any tooth on the market. In field tests, the DuraTooth C2X lasted twice as long as other digging teeth in various soil conditions.

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