Duke Energy Completes ACCC Installation in Florida

Earlier this month, Duke Energy, with the help of contractors Service Electric and Rotor Blade Helicopter, completed the installation of a double bundled ACCC Oriole conductor in Apalachicola, Florida. The 69 kV project included a 2,290 foot wetland crossing. To minimize environmental impact and streamline the installation, a helicopter was used to pull in the ACCC conductor.

Duke Energy selected the 439 kcmil (222.3 mm^2) conductor, stranded by General Cable, due to its high-capacity, high-strength and low-sag characteristics. On the morning of the first day of the installation, nearly two-dozen linemen and other staff members attended a two hour training program provided by CTC Global's Field Supervisor, Bill Percy. The ACCC installation began later the same morning and was completed in about two weeks.

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