Evolving our Grid: Underground Utilities, Powered by Plasma

Breaking through the barrier of traditional, slow, and costly boring tech, EarthGrid deploys patented plasma technology to tunnel and excavate at a fraction of the cost and time. Their aim is to replace our outdated, vulnerable infrastructure with a grid that is resilient, efficient, and future-proof.


May 30, 2024
11:00 AM ET / 10:00 AM CT / 8:00 AM PT / 4:00 PM GMT
Duration: 1 hour
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Our infrastructure is failing us. In more ways than one.

Unreliable and unsightly power lines result in wildfires and are extremely vulnerable to weather events. The current grid cannot remotely handle our demand for clean energy. It is inefficient and lacks both capacity and distribution capabilities. We deserve a resilient, reliable, and efficient grid that can carry us into the future, a SuperGrid.
Replacing our outdated, vulnerable grid is a huge responsibility, one that EarthGrid is committed to, creating a SuperGrid that is reliable, efficient, and resilient. EarthGrid is committed to evolving our outdated infrastructure, upgrading our grid to facilitate the rising demand for renewable energy, high-speed fiber, water, and more. Powered by ground-breaking plasma boring technology, EarthGrid robots can bore through rock exponentially faster and dramatically cheaper, eliminating risks and hurdles currently impeding traditional boring methods. 
Imagine a network of underground utility tunnels, big enough to walk in, connecting every city (including underserved communities), moving renewable energy, water, high-speed data & e-commerce goods.  




Troy Helming 
Company: EarthGrid 

Troy Helming is a visionary entrepreneur, innovator, and clean energy pioneer and author of The Clean Power Revolution. As a creator, he's founded companies that have generated more than $35 billion in economic impact to date and invented two technologies that have led to more than 40 clean energy patent claims.

Cattie Khoury 
Company: EarthGrid 

Cattie is an environmentalist and entrepreneur with a passion for underground systems. She approaches the world of digital infrastructure with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and as a former founder of a small business dedicated to transforming our food systems with regenerative agriculture. Understanding the impact that infrastructure has on the world at large, her motivations are to inspire decision makers to implement choices that will benefit the health of people and our planet.

Mike Beehler 
National Spokesperson 
Power Delivery Intelligence Initiative

Mike Beehler P.E. is the national spokesperson for the Power Delivery Intelligence Initiative and the chief opportunity officer for Mike Beehler & Associates LLC. He started his career designing and building transmission lines and substations for Tucson Electric Power and the Hawaiian Electric Co. and then spent more than 20 years designing T&D infrastructure and consulting on emerging trends at Burns & McDonnell. He has written, presented, and consulted on reliability-centered maintenance, critical infrastructure protection, and program management. In addition, he is a well-known industry writer and speaker on the early definition of the smart grid, 3-D and building information modeling applications in T&D, and development plans for smart cities.

Most recently, he is sought for his strategic leadership and vision on the application of emerging technologies in changing business models to include the integration of distributed energy resources, augmented/virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. He authored the book, The Science of the Sale. Beehler is a registered professional engineer in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Georgia, and Alabama. He also is a Fellow in the American Society of Civil Engineers and a member of IEEE and CIGRE.

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