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Power Software

Power Software

SPIDA Calc software’s nonlinear finite-element analysis engine drives pole loading, pole strength and guying analyses to power clearance evaluations and structural calculations. These analyses are configured to test against a variety of safety standards including the National Electrical Safety Code, California’s GO95 and Canada’s CSA Standards. The flexibility of SPIDACalc software satisfies a variety of use cases with the ability to screen a large volume of poles quickly, perform in-depth analysis on individual structures or map and design new pole attachment evaluations.

SPIDA DB is an easy-to-use software application to store SPIDA-generated data, in one centralized location. Users can transfer SPIDACalc data, such as designs, forms, photos and analysis results to and from SPIDA DB without leaving the SPIDACalc application. Intuitive searching capabilities allow users to browse by project or location and retrieve desired information. This information can be populated into SPIDACalc as a way to reuse, reference or edit the data.

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