Aluminum Mounting Products

MacLean Power Systems’ aluminum mounting products were launched in mid-2013, and are manufactured at the Trenton, Tennessee, facility. They are used in the industry to mount transformers, arrestors, cutouts, and other items MPS manufactures to a wood pole. The product fills a gap in the MPS portfolio, strengthening its position with customers and distributors. The aluminum mounting products are made up of four product lines: Primary metering mounts, equipment mounts, cluster mounts, and platforms. The aluminum is extruded and machined locally, then shipped to Trenton, Tennessee, where it is assembled.

Time to market was only nine months. The design was completed in Fort Mill. Spencer Arnold was responsible for creating around 700 drawings, creating 900 unique parts, for a total of 350 new catalog numbers. Wei-Chung Lin lead the testing team in Alabama to load test the assemblies for design validation. The customer service group did an excellent job answering questions and getting the aluminum mounts on standards.

The aluminum mounting product line has been well-received by MPS’ customers. MPS Canada has pulled in several large orders for aluminum platforms, and it appears these orders will continue in the future. 

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