Tantalus and Itron Team Up on Smart Meter/Smart Network Solution

Sept. 5, 2008
TUNet Now Supports Itron CENTRON Solid-State Electricity Meters Vancouver, BC, Sept. 4, 2008 -- Tantalus Systems Corp. and Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announce the availability of Itron solid-state CENTRON(R) meters equipped with Tantalus modules ...
TUNet Now Supports Itron CENTRON Solid-State Electricity Meters

Vancouver, BC, Sept. 4, 2008 -- Tantalus Systems Corp. and Itron

Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) announce the availability of Itron solid-state

CENTRON(R) meters equipped with Tantalus modules for easy integration

into TUNet(R), the Tantalus Utility Network. Combining Itron's precise

metering technology with Tantalus' versatile data communications network

enables a utility to establish an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI)

network that delivers the data needed for Smart Grid applications,

energy conservation initiatives, and ongoing operational and business


CENTRON meters equipped with TUNet modules collect data efficiently and

economically via Tantalus' two-way, real-time communications network.

This enables a utility to accurately monitor consumption, power quality,

and pinpoint outages by individual meter or in aggregate. Data can be

integrated into backend billing, load forecasting, and other

applications that require a rich stream of data for analytical purposes.

TUNet modules fit securely under the glass of CENTRON meters,

transforming meters into bi-directional communications devices that can

receive commands and issue information such as sag/swell/outage alerts

or time-stamped verification of consumption, load control or

disconnect/reconnect actions. Meters can also communicate with Tantalus'

demand response products to form an end-to-end solution that is ready

for Smart Grid energy efficiency programs such as load control and

in-home display of up-to-the-minute price signals and consumption


Over-the-air programming allows a utility to remotely configure meters,

read in/out new accounts, or shift a customer to a different time-of-use

rate plan without a site visit. Direct register reads ensure that what

is displayed on the meter is the same as what is reported to the


TUNet-enabled CENTRON meters are assembled either at the Itron factory

or by an approved meter services company. Meters automatically associate

within the network and can interoperate with electricity meters from

other manufacturers as well as TUNet-enabled water and gas meters. This

gives a utility true flexibility in how the AMI network is designed,

deployed, operated, and adapts to future expansion. Future plans include

incorporation and support of TUNet technology in CENTRON Polyphase

meters to better meet the demands of low- to mid-tier commercial and

industrial customers.

"With close to 30 million CENTRON meters in the field, Itron's position

as a leader and innovator in metering technology is clearly

established," said Richard Auerweck, Tantalus product manager. "By

supporting this popular line of meters, we can provide utilities with a

broader range of options to complement the different Smart Grid

solutions available from Tantalus."

"Itron's market leadership in advanced metering technologies is

reinforced by its continuous expansion of communications offerings for

our metering product line, which is driven by our commitment to meet

customer needs," said Lowell Rust, product marketing director for Itron

electricity metering. "Itron will continue to support leading AMI

technologies like TUNet that further enhance operational performance for

every customer."

"The impressive feature set of CENTRON meters combined with the

company's drive for engineering and manufacturing excellence makes this

a natural partnership for Tantalus," added Auerweck. "Smart meters need

smart networks. This technology alliance presents a great opportunity

for both companies to continue to accelerate innovation and help our

customers optimize the delivery and use of energy."

About Tantalus

Tantalus provides two-way, real-time data communications networks to

monitor and control electric, gas and water utilities. TUNet(r) -- the

Tantalus Utility Network -- is an end-to-end communications system that

operates with both RF and IP-based networks including FTTH, Fiber, WiFi,

WiMAX, GPRS/cellular, and 220 MHz either individually or in a

combination network. TUNet is built for the Smart Grid. It unites a

utility's applications, making advanced metering, outage management,

power quality monitoring, load control, and distribution automation

cost-effective and practical throughout both urban and rural service

areas. For more information, please visit http://www.tantalus.com.


Richard Auerweck

Product Manager

Tantalus Systems Corp.

Office: 919-629-2550

Mobile: 919-272-0915

E: [email protected]

About Itron Inc.

Itron Inc. is a leading technology provider to the global energy and

water industries. Itron Inc. consists of Itron in North America and

Actaris outside of North America. Our company is the world's leading

provider of metering, data collection and utility software solutions,

with nearly 8,000 utilities worldwide relying on our technology to

optimize the delivery and use of energy and water. Our products include

electricity, gas and water meters; data collection and communication

systems, including automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering

infrastructure (AMI); meter data management and related software

applications; project management, installation, and consulting services.

To know more, start here: www.itron.com.


Kim Papich

Itron Communications and Marketing

Office: 509-891-3590

Mobile: 509-863-5003

E-mail: [email protected]

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