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Georgia Power’s Vogtle 3 Energized

May 8, 2019
Energization of Unit 3 of the power plant is a major step toward the transition of the project from construction to system operation.

Georgia Power recently announced that plant equipment for the Vogtle Unit 3 has been energized, or permanently powered, which is required to perform all subsequent testing of the systems at the unit. The plant equipment was previously running on temporary construction power. The completion of initial energization represents a milestone in the Vogtle expansion as the project moves from construction toward system operation.

"Initial energization is a major first step in transitioning the project from construction toward system operations," said Vogtle 3 & 4 construction senior vice president, Glen Chick. "With energization complete, we can continue moving into the actual testing phase for Unit 3."

The project is now approximately 77% complete. With more than 7000 workers currently onsite and more than 800 permanent jobs available once the units start operating, Vogtle 3 & 4 is currently the largest jobs-producing construction project in the state of Georgia.

All first-quarter milestones have been achieved, including the placement of the Unit 4 pressurizer and the Unit 3 containment vessel top head, signifying that all modules and large components have been placed inside the unit.

Georgia Power recently filed an update on the Vogtle 3 & 4 project with the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC), affirming that the expected schedule remains within the regulatory-approved in-service dates of November 2021 for Unit 3 and November 2022 for Unit 4, with no change to the total project capital cost forecast.

From the beginning of the Vogtle expansion, Georgia Power has worked with the Georgia PSC to pursue all available benefits for customers and minimize the impact of the new units on electric bills. In March, Georgia Power closed on US$1.67 billion in additional Department of Energy (DOE) loan guarantees for Vogtle 3 & 4. With a total of more than US$5 billion in DOE loan guarantees, Georgia Power expects to be able to provide more than US$500 million in present-value benefits to its customers.

The projected peak rate impact to Georgia Power retail customers is 10.4%, with approximately 5.5% already in rates.

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