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Ohio Commission Releases Roadmap to its Future Distribution Grid

Sept. 19, 2018
Next step will be creation of PowerForward collaborative and workgroups

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio's recently released PowerForward Roadmap envisions the future electric distribution grid as a secure, open-access platform that will give customers more control over how they consume electricity, and allow for customers to adopt innovative applications of their choosing as they are introduced on the market. 

“This roadmap is bold, and we see it as our duty to chart a path forward for Ohio,” said PUCO Chairman Asim Z. Haque. “Through PowerForward we express a vision that will allow the state to pursue grid modernization responsibly.”

The PowerForward Roadmap:

  • Creates a regulatory paradigm that will allow innovation to reach all customers cost effectively while maintaining the delivery of safe and reliable power.
  • Envisions the distribution grid as a secure and open access platform that allows customer applications to interface seamlessly with it.
  • Continues through the PowerForward Collaborative and associated work groups to monitor the marketplace and present recommendations to the Commission on evolving issues like electric vehicle charging stations, battery storage, distribution system planning and data access.
  • Informs future utility regulatory filings and proceedings in order for electric distribution utilities to advance in grid modernization initiatives.

PowerForward is the PUCO’s grid modernization endeavor built upon the pairing of two pillars: innovation; and the concept that this innovation should serve to enhance the customer electricity experience.

PowerForward consisted of three phases that were designed to lead the state through a linear discussion of the concept of grid modernization. PUCO began with the business case for pursuing grid modernization, then conducted a deep dive into the engineering of the grid, and then went on to discuss the elements that would create the modern grid along with the ratemaking/rate design that would best accompany this evolution.

In total, the PUCO hosted 127 speakers and received approximately 100 hours of education through the three phases of PowerForward.

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