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Training Database Tracks Critical Training Records

Training Database Tracks Critical Training Records

Quality Training Systems has announced significant enhancements to its flagship product, Quality Training Database. QTD is a software database designed to track, organize, and maintain critical training records for compliance purposes in performance-based industries. The enhanced product, QTD NEXT, further streamlines managing the compliance process for PER- 005 and PER-005-2 and in a single, more efficient workspace.

Stefanie Pressl, president of Quality Training Systems, said, “These additional enhancements, including updated functionality and a new look and feel, create tremendous time savings for clients. The current process for managing PER-005 compliance is time-consuming and challenging. This solution allows individuals and teams to generate audit reports in hours, not weeks.”

QTD NEXT has a number of additions and improvements including:

Innovative workspaces to consolidate training development and tracking processes and make work more efficient

  • Quick access to key functions via the software homepage
  • Adaptable screens that may be resized to user preference
  • Streamlined data labels to match traditional training language
  • New features to manage compliance requirements for PER-005-2
  • Ability to easily follow and document ADDIE process

Customers who were given a preview of the improvements prior to the launch, praised the new features and expanded capabilities. Trainers commented on the ease of training new trainers; the use of the term “Enabling Objectives” as a plus; and the new interface as intuitive and providing an easy path toward audit preparation.

QTD NEXT will be launched nationwide in June 2016. Ongoing training, including webinars, will be available immediately. Additional training will occur at Quality Training Systems User Conference in October.


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