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Lineman College Adds Load Break and Pickup Tool to Training Curriculum

Alan Drew, senior vice president Research & Development for Northwest Lineman College (NLC), has announced the addition of the BREAK-SAFE Load Break & Pick-up Tool to the System Operations curriculum.

The portable switch from Utility Solutions, Inc. is used in conjunction with temporary jumpers, and has become standard equipment on many distribution systems across the country. NLC is reacting to a greater need for training on this equipment from their on-campus and offsite training programs.

"The BREAK-SAFE® allows parallels between different circuits to be made and separated safely eliminating arc exposure to the linemen," said Alan Drew.  "When we learned about how it operated we immediately thought it should be included in the curriculum update."

The curriculum changes are scheduled for Fall 2014 and will effect the Looping and Paralleling Circuits curriculum at all three NLC campuses (CA, ID, and TX) as well as their offsite Power Delivery Programs. 

"We are always eager to partner with educational organizations", said Aaron Wood, Marketing for Utility Solutions, Inc. "This is another good opportunity for lineman to have exposure to our tools and products." 

NLC already incorporates the LOAD-RANGER XLT Load Break Tool, BLUE STRIPE Shotgun Stick, patented Jack Jumper™ Cutout Bypass Tool, and patented GRAB-IT Cutout Fuse Tube Remover in their training programs.


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