A Day of Celebration for the Line Trade

April 18, 2023
Utilities nationwide took to social media to honor their special line crews during the 2023 National Lineworkers Appreciation Day.

For the last decade, April 18 has been set aside as a day for celebrating the hard-working men and women in the line trade. Following Hurricane Sandy, the U.S. Senate Resolution 95 recognized April 18 as National Lineman Appreciation Day. 

On this day, power companies nationwide honored their line crews with special gatherings. tributes on social media and other celebratory events. This photo gallery highlights just a few of the many photos celebrating lineworkers nationwide. 

For more photos and posts, follow #thankalineworker or #thankalineman on Twitter. If you have any photos of your line crews that you would like to add to this gallery, email them to Field Editor Amy Fischbach

Also, check out this video by Loup Power District recognizing its lineworkers on the 2023 National Lineman Appreciation Day. 

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