Linemen Crown the Photo Contest Winners

Feb. 7, 2020
Congratulations to Sean Daly of National Grid, who won top honors in the 2020 Lineman Life photo competition. Check out the top 10 photos.

This year's 2020 Lineman Life photo gallery celebrates the linemen who put in long hours in severe weather conditions to keep the lights on. Linemen from across North America submitted images of linemen in action for the photo competition. 

It was a tight race, but the photo from Sean Daly of National Grid captured the most votes. He will be awarded a new pair of Hi-Grip Xtreme Glove Protectors from Hi-Line Utility Supply, which won the 2010 T&D World Top Tools of the Trade competition. 

Here's what the voters had to say about his photo:

  • "My dad took this picture at work. He is constantly away from his family like many other linemen, restoring power to those who are stuck without it during storms, etc. This picture is an accurate depiction of the job many of us take for granted and some of us even complain about."
  • "It's true life. Get the power on. I like the color, and they are my brothers." 
  • "Although all the jobs they do are important, restoring power is the one we're most thankful for."
  • "The stark black and white along with the upward angle was a visual story of the danger these workers face."
  • "Shows how much these guys put on the line for us."

Coming in second place was "Getting the Job Done" by Ben Williams of National Grid, which showed a lineman working on a power pole in water. 

One voter chose this photo because her husband has dealt with similar issues while trying to restore power. "He waded in the swamp, waded in mud and numerous other treacherous places. I feel this photo shows that lineman stop at little to ensure others have power."

The third-place photo from James Christopher VanHook illustrated what linemen often have to deal with--back-to-back storms. One voter says it shows the resolve of linemen. "This shows just one of the weather conditions linemen work in getting power restored to our homes and businesses regardless of the hour day or night. They put their comfort completely aside to restore ours as quickly as possible."

To see the top 10 photos in this year's competition, check out the photo gallery. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit photos and vote in the online survey.

For the opportunity to get your photo featured in our next gallery or in our full-page Parting Shot department, send a high-resolution, the name of the photographer and a descriptive caption to Field Editor Amy Fischbach

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