Beacon New York Flywheel Energy Storage Plant
Beacon New York Flywheel Energy Storage Plant

International Energy Storage Database Surpasses 420 Documented Energy Storage Projects

The U.S. Department of Energy's international energy storage database has surpassed 420 documented energy storage projects from around the world. The database, the first of its kind, provides free, up-to-date information on grid-connected energy storage projects and relevant state and federal policies. It is funded through DOE's Sandia National Laboratories, and has been operating since January 2012.

"This database shows the impressive diversity of energy storage projects across the globe, as well as the broad services they provide," said Imre Gyuk, DOE's Energy Storage Program Manager. Gyuk and Georgianne Huff of Sandia National Laboratories are the project managers of the database. Huff expects the policy section to grow moving forward. "Policies are being developed and implemented every year," she said, "and as governments worldwide realize the benefits of energy storage, we expect even more."

The Energy Storage Database lists 420 energy storage projects from 34 countries with a combined 123 GW of installed capacity. More than 50 energy storage technologies are represented worldwide, including multiple battery technologies, compressed air energy storage, flywheels, gravel energy storage, hydrogen energy storage, pumped hydroelectric, superconducting magnetic energy storage, and thermal energy storage. The policy section of the database shows 18 federal and state policies addressing grid connected energy storage, from rules and regulations to tariffs and other financial incentives.

Over the past 20 months, the database has become an important tool as the main point of reference for energy storage professionals worldwide. It is regularly quoted in the press, at large industry conferences, and has been referred to in several public proceedings including the California Public Utilities Commission's October 17 th Energy Storage Rulemaking that will bring 1.325GW of new energy storage resources to California load serving entities by 2020, pursuant to AB 2514. California currently has 4.5GW of installed energy storage, which leads all states in the U.S. California also leads the US in total installed advanced energy storage projects, with 44 projects. The next closest state is New York, with 13.

Anybody can create an account and add projects, and each project goes through a vetting process where database staff contact the project owner to verify data accuracy. "With the new CPUC targets we expect a huge surge in new projects. We welcome everybody who wants to add projects to the database," Gyuk explained. "This is a collaborative effort, and public input will help make it the complete database we are working toward."

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