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Game Changers Series Session 8: Enterprise Data Management Webinar

Sensing, data gathering, data processing, and data analysis have been a crucial part of the utility industry for years and as such it is nothing new. What is the game changer however are the breath, the depth, and the speed of the data, the so-called “big data”, that is available to the utility today. Contrary to common belief, more data is not necessarily better. Only after all facets of the available data have been examined in terms of its usefulness for the given goal can we say that the data is useful. Every second, an average utility has at its disposal terabytes of streaming data. Just to name a few, this data includes SCADA readings, AMI readings, crew information, maintenance logs, weather information, social media information, video streams, image streams, audio streams, etc. Generally, most of this data is being collected for audit purposes and is not being used in a meaningful manner to drive and to improve efficiency, reliability, safety, and profitability for the utility.

This webinar will focus on solving some of the more complicated issues plaguing the major utilities of today by performing targeted goal specific analytics on the mostly untapped “big data” inside and outside the utility through a process called the Innovative Utility Program. This is a major paradigm shift for utilities.

About The Series:
Burns & McDonnell and GE, in partnership with Transmission & Distribution World, are launching a series of webinars in 2011 exploring innovative technologies and ideas that will truly change how power is delivered and consumed. This nine-part series launches on February 24 with a discussion of phasor measurement units and concludes with a live event November 16-17, 2011, in Atlanta, Ga.

Join Burns & McDonnell, GE and their clients as they introduce online discussions that will challenge your thinking, starting with how phasor measuring devices are changing the economics of power delivery

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