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ABB, Mega Grid, combine AC and DC networks Courtesy of ABB
This 1100-kV transformer is being used in the Changji–Guquan project. China is using UHVDC to move large blocks of power from the hydro-rich western portion of the country to the load centers in the eastern portion of China.

On the Verge of the Mega Grid

Electric utilities can combine AC and DC networks for a stronger power-delivery system.

The electric utility industry is shifting from large centrally located fossil-fuel generation plants to a more environmentally friendly grid powered by renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower. While renewables are helping to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, they bring new issues and challenges, such as the grid itself. Designed more than a century ago, the legacy grid is a patchwork of transmission lines spreading from city to city, but it was

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