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Site of the newly constructed storm-hardened transmission line

New Transmission Line Improves Grid Resiliency in Louisiana

Entergy Louisiana and Cleco jointly complete 36-mile line from Gray to Patterson that can withstand winds up to 150 mph.

Entergy Louisiana and Cleco have completed the construction of a new 36-mile, storm-hardened transmission line that will strengthen service reliability for customers across southeast Louisiana.

The new 230-kV line stretches from Gray to Patterson on steel structures designed to withstand winds between 130 to 150 mph. Entergy Louisiana’s portion of the project, which runs for 24 miles from the Terrebonne substation near Gray to a point at Bayou Boeuf near Amelia, was completed in May 2018. Cleco completed construction of the remainder of the line, between the interconnection near Amelia and the Bayou Vista substation near Patterson, in March. On April 17, Entergy Louisiana and Cleco together energized the entire line.

“This project is one part of Entergy Louisiana’s multi-phased resiliency project that will help strengthen our grid, improve reliability and support growth for the entire state,” said Phillip May, president and CEO of Entergy Louisiana. “Our partnership with Cleco on the Terrebonne to Bayou Vista project was essential for meeting today’s power demands and will help us to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of energy to our customers.”

“The project will improve power reliability and resiliency during hurricanes for customers in south Louisiana and is the second phase of three efforts by Cleco to harden the south Louisiana bulk power system,” said Bill Fontenot, president and CEO of Cleco. “Cleco’s first effort connected Eunice to west New Iberia. The third, and final phase, will connect Patterson through St. Mary Parish. These efforts will help us better serve our customers.”

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