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AltaLink To Negotiate 2024/2025 Transmission Tariff With Customer Representatives

Nov. 15, 2023
AltaLink expects to continue strengthening its relationship with customers, meeting their needs and delivering best transmission service.

AltaLink will negotiate with its customer representatives for 2024 and 2025 transmission tariff while maintaining the rates below 2018 levels for five consecutive years.


AltaLink filed its 2024/2025 General Tariff Application with the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) in early 2023 and any settlement will have to be approved by the AUC.


“As a regulated utility, our job is to ensure that the transmission service we provide is reliable and affordable for the millions of Albertans we serve every day,” said Gary Hart, AltaLink President and Chief Executive Officer. “As we enter into these important negotiations, we appreciate the opportunity to continue strengthening our relationship with our customers, meeting their needs, and delivering the transmission service they expect.”


AltaLink has filed an amendment with the AUC to its 2024-2025 GTA with additional measures to proactively expand and accelerate its Wildfire Mitigation Plan due to the increase in wildfire risk to Albertans and AltaLink's critical infrastructure which delivers reliable electricity to customers.


The transmission company also requested a deferral account for future catastrophic wildfire damages in excess of insurance coverage to be accessible if complied with Wildfire Mitigation Plan.


AltaLink has received permit and license from the AUC to construct and operate the Vauxhall Area Transmission Development project worth $14.48 million for reducing congestion in the Vauxhall area. The project is anticipated to be operational in late 2024.


The company’s new estimate of $161.5 million for a portion of the Central East Transfer-Out project was approved by the AESO.


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