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Partial Discharge Sensor

Partial Discharge Sensor

CBS ArcSafe has added the PD Alert partial discharge sensor option to its Remote Racking System line. CBS Arc Safe’s optional PD Alert provides an additional layer of safety for technicians tasked with racking or removing circuit breakers and motor control centers. In the event of a breakdown in line-to-line or line-to-ground insulation, the PD Alert radio frequency (RF) non-contact sensor issues a visual strobe alarm or digital alarm via email or SMS text message. The PD Alert can be used with any of CBS ArcSafe’s remote racking systems, including the RRS-1 for rotary, jackscrew-type breakers; the lightweight RRS-1LT made from aluminum extrusion; the programmable dual-mode RRS-4; and the RRS-2 and RRS-2BE for remotely racking extractor-type circuit breakers or motor controls, respectively. PD Alert can also be used as a stand alone partial discharge sensor for monitoring critical electrical distribution equipment. 

Advanced signal processing and field configurable setup allows the operator to set do-not-exceed thresholds for partial discharge values, or to issue an alert if partial discharge values indicate a condition that could be dangerous to technicians. 

While CBS ArcSafe’s remote racking and remote switching systems allow technicians to operate potentially dangerous electrical equipment from up to 300 feet away thanks to wireless control and video links – outside of the arc-flash danger zone – even with the additional layer of protection afforded by PD Alert, technicians should always follow standard safety procedures set out in NFPA 70E and other industry standards. 



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