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HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS Introduces New MIDAS micro Webinar

HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS has launched its fourth video in a series of prerecorded webinars. The webinar series combines application and product specific presentations geared toward those in the field of high-voltage testing.

This latest webinar features HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS’ MIDAS micro 2883 insulation diagnosis test set. In addition to providing an overview of the product and its features, the MIDAS micro webinar covers topics such as: applications, key specifications, and how the MIDAS micro compares to previous MIDAS products.

It is now available on their website (see “WEBINAR” icon) and YouTube channel.

This webinar series:

  • Reviews industry-relevant topics
  • Explains best practices and techniques
  • Familiarizes customers with products
  • Provides application-based knowledge
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