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Voltage Management System Supports Energy Conservation

MicroPlanet has completed the development a voltage management system that offer utilities advances in performance, functionality and communications capability for energy conservation and the integration of renewable energy sources, including solar and wind.

"The new MicroPlanet systems dynamically manage voltage up and down to a tolerance of 1/2 of a volt, and are able to respond in less than a cycle. They are capable of reducing most instances of flicker by more than 60%," said Bruce Lisanti, CEO of MicroPlanet. "Being able to significantly reduce flicker has been an objective of utilities for a long time."

Lisanti continues, "We have a significant backlog of orders from our utility customers and deliveries of our new generation voltage management systems will begin in March."

"Recent advancements in our technology have also accelerated our relationships with several large photovoltaic companies to integrate our technology with their inverters. When the MicroPlanet voltage management technology is combined with a photovoltaic inverter, the energy consumption of the home or commercial building is lowered and the power that flows back to the grid is regulated to optimal levels." said Lisanti. "As we move into an era with more renewable energy, like solar and wind generation, grid stabilization is becoming a very important factor. To effectively utilize these renewable sources, we need a dynamic grid that responds to variable generation and load changes while keeping voltage stable. MicroPlanet's voltage management products are becoming an important part of this new, more flexible grid."

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