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Vacuum Switch Now Available with Positive-Latching Dual Solenoid Operator

The UltraVac solid dielectric vacuum switch from Maysteel is now available with either a low-current motor operator or a new positive-latching dual solenoid operator.

Offering ease of installation, maintenance-free design and operational integrity, the UltraVac single phase capacitor switch works as a drop-in replacement for oil switches.

Key features of the switch include:

  • C2 rated interrupter, with no re-strikes in 1200 sequential test operations.
  • Solenoid operator rated at 50,000 full open/close cycles; motor operator rated at 30,000 full open/close cycles.
  • Manual open/close with high-visibility indication.
  • Large 0.40 in. vacuum gap and 16 cu. in. bottle volume.
  • 33 in. terminal-to-ground creep distance, 30 in. terminal-to-terminal.
  • Weather and impact resistant cycloaliphatic epoxy V-bushings; can be rotated 360 degrees for easy connections.
  • Corrosion-resistant tank coating exceeds ANSI C57.12.31 requirements.
  • Standard 5-pin or factory configurable receptacle.
  • Accommodates pole, wall, lug, capacitor frame, substation or cross-arm mounting; vertical or horizontal mounting in pad bank applications.

UltraVac switches are suitable for 15-kV, 25-kV and 35-kV systems at 200 A continuous.

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