Utility Smart Sensor Supports Variety of Communications Options

IUS Technologies has introduced its new smart sensor for distribution automation to the U.S. utility market. A subsidiary of the $1B Vitzro Group from South Korea, the VS2000 is the latest release following IUS VS1000 and VS3000. It is an economical and flexible sensor with an accuracy of 0.2 percent.

This new sensor includes a completely integrated solution that supports a wide variety of communication options. It is suitable for conservation voltage reduction, volt VAR control, volt VAR Optimization, theft detection and other distribution automation applications. The VS2000 enables utilities to reduce outage frequency and duration, as well as reducing energy losses, which is crucial due to the current elevated costs for electricity.

Constructed to be extraordinarily flexible, the VS2000 is currently being line tested with both Georgia Power and Baltimore Gas & Electric. As with its predecessor the VS1000, the VS2000 incorporates improved asset utilization, improved capacity management, enhanced load forecasting, and accurate facility planning. However the VS2000 model incorporates both three-phase voltage and current monitoring in a single device.

Providing utilities with the ability to make the right decisions throughout the distribution grid and customer satisfaction are key for this device. It provides automated monitoring and alerts to the utility and constantly feeds in actionable real time data, from a variety of power measurements to ensure customers receive quality power to alerts from energy theft and mass service interruptions.


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