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Trip Coil and Lockout Relay Monitoring Improve System Reliability

Today’s power system depends on reliable circuit breaker operation. Proactively monitoring the connections and circuit continuity of the circuit breaker trip coil and lockout relay gives operators confidence that the breaker is ready when needed. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) has released the SEL-2652 Trip Coil Monitor to provide this critical information to engineers and operators. The self-powered SEL-2652 indicates circuit breaker status with a clearly visible external LED and a contact output for alarms or SCADA.

“We wanted to provide constant monitoring of the health of trip circuits and lockout relays with an easy-to-use, reliable device,” said Alex Bradley, SEL protection engineer. “SEL’s design features an indicator light that’s characterized by its high visibility and long working life. Our customers will know with certainty if the circuit breaker is ready to operate.”

The SEL-2652 is easy to install, featuring a panel-mount design and a Connectorized terminal block. This one device is compatible with all systems from 48 to 125 Vdc, reducing on-hand inventory and allowing engineers to efficiently monitor circuit health, improve safety, and reduce maintenance times.

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