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Technology Enables Temperature Measurement Accuracy, Repeatability

SensorTran Inc. has announced PerfectVision, a technology that enables temperature measurement accuracy and repeatability regardless of changes in optical fiber condition, simplifies set up of DTS systems, and extends the life and usefulness of optical fiber in DTS deployments

The merging of the PerfectVision dual laser technology with SensorTran’s long-range DTS capabilities enables the effective life of optical fibers to be extended by addressing the traditional problems related to fiber darkening and damage. This reduces the frequency of costly and disruptive fiber redeployment, resulting in an increased return on investment for operators. Additionally, existing manual calibration techniques are based on averaging measurements over the entire length or large sections of the fiber, which is complicated and requires frequent recalibration efforts. PerfectVision dynamically and automatically calibrates each of the thousands of measurement points along the fiber, significantly simplifying DTS installation by use of its Active Plug & Play capabilities.

Fiber darkening occurs where the fiber sensing cable is exposed to high temperature and high pressure environments such as in oil wells. This darkening occurs in a non-uniform manner and is progressive over time, rendering manual calibration techniques ineffective. Additionally, the use of connectors and splices along a fiber installation can lead to varying degrees of optical loss, as can stress incurred during the deployment of the fiber. Whereas traditional DTS systems use the light source from a single laser, PerfectVision uses two lasers operating at different wavelengths to automatically adjust for dynamic and non-uniform changes in optical loss in the fiber. PerfectVision instantly identifies and corrects for these effects, allowing for the continued use of the existing fiber and avoiding a costly re-deployment that would have otherwise been required.

The IEEE, which has developed standards for measurement systems, provides an important differentiation between “active” and “passive” plug and play. In active plug and play, the installation process is completely free of user intervention. In a passive implementation, someone needs to complete the configuration by manually entering key operating parameters for the activity being performed (e.g. display resolution).

SensorTran’s PerfectVision technology combined with its long-range DTS capabilities are critical components in delivering an active plug and play DTS solution. This complete offering removes the need for any prior knowledge of the fiber characteristics or associated calibration of the DTS system, either upon installation or throughout its life.

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