System Enables Up to 12 Measurement Points in High-Voltage Electrical Switchgear

Vectron International has released its new TempTrackr-12 Passive SAW Wireless Temperature Monitoring System. The wireless temperature monitoring system, marketed under Vectron’s SenGenuity sensor product line, offers users up to 12 separate passive (no power or battery required) measurement points for the monitoring of temperature in medium and high-voltage switchgear.

Temperature monitoring of critical points in medium- and high-voltage switchgear is important in ensuring long-term reliable operation. However, this measurement is difficult as wired solutions are not feasible within high voltage environments inside the switchgear cabinet; in addition, lengthy maintenance intervals preclude use of any device requiring battery replacements.

Vectron’s SAW-based temperature sensors use RF from the interrogator unit to power the sensor and report the temperature of the measurement point. No battery or external power is required to operate the sensor module, allowing for their placement in locations where wires are not possible or where maintenance is difficult or impossible.

“Vectron, through our SenGenuity sensor brand, introduced passive, wireless temperature sensing to this application over four years ago,” commented Gregory Smolka, Vice President of Sensor Products at Vectron International. “This new solution doubles the number of sensors that can be installed in an application, enabling operators to monitor additional critical points. In addition, with the release of the TempTrackr-12, we’ve enhanced the robustness of the wireless communication system allowing for faster and easier installation and provisioning.”

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