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Synchrophasor Vector Processor Improves Reliability

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has announced the newest breakthrough in wide-area, real-time protection and control: the SEL-3378 Synchrophasor Vector Processor (SVP). The SVP combines phasor data concentration functions with flexible programming to provide a unique platform for advanced controls to improve electric power system reliability. The SVP processes synchrophasor data and sends commands to external devices in less than 6 milliseconds. The new SVP technology makes real-time control, using synchronous phasor measurement, a reality.

The SVP time-aligns incoming synchrophasor messages, processes them with an internal logic engine, and sends commands to external devices for high-speed control. Combine SEL predefined function blocks with standard IEC 61131-3 logic to build a synchrophasor-based monitoring, protection, automation, and control system. The SVP is the ideal tool for simple to sophisticated applications, such as:

  • Direct state measurement Power calculations Phase angle measurement Substation monitoring and topology verification Modal analysis with frequency, magnitude, and damping

Simplify automatic generator-shedding schemes, and detect and respond to power oscillations, power swings, and out-of-step conditions. Built for substation or other control locations, the SVP is easy to configure, with Ethernet and serial connections to any IEEE C37.118 phasor measurement unit. Its processing power with control and synchrophasor outputs are excellent for in-service or development applications. Apply the SVP directly for control or use with other SEL Synchrophasor products, such as

ratioSYNCHROWAVE Server and Console Software for operator visualization.

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