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Switch Features Built-in Serial and Ethernet Networking

GE Digital Energy has introduced the Zenith ZTE Series 40-4000 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) system that goes beyond source switching with features and capabilities to help assess the quality of power delivered to loads, improve the efficiency of periodic testing, and lower facility integration costs. The Zenith ZTE Series ATS offers facility managers the ability to prevent problems that could damage equipment or cause unnecessary outages to critical loads.

Expanded diagnostics, built-in test and outage reporting, power quality metering, and high-speed alarm capture capability have all been added into the ZTE Series to help improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase the effectiveness of legally required facility emergency power system testing. In addition, built-in serial and Ethernet networking, user-configurable alarms, and flexibility lower facility integration costs.

The Zenith ZTE Series ATS quickens response time to events and lowers facility integration costs by using integrated connectivity and alarm management. On-board data logging and high-speed waveform capture capability provides facility managers with a fast diagnosis of power anomalies. Data log and waveform files may be viewed and saved using free MX350 Setup software that easily connects through a front display USB port.

The Zenith ZTE Series ATS also includes entirely new features such as Auto Load Shed, which permits the ATS to signal for the disconnection of downstream lower-priority loads in the event of a generator overload. The built-in power quality metering includes the capability of measuring current and voltage harmonics/THD, a critical factor in facilities utilizing Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). In addition, the ZTE may be custom programmed using GE's FlexLogic - a system of programmable logical elements (AND'S, OR's, Timers, etc) that in many cases can eliminate the need for an additional external Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). System-wide diagnostics are also addressed via the ability to time synchronize multiple ZTE transfer switches on an Ethernet network to a site building automation PC or satellite-based time server. The power and flexibility of the new ZTE make it a perfect choice for critical source switching.

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