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SwiftGrid Radio Platform Exceeds Emerging Smart Grid, IEC 61850 Standards

Designed to meet or exceed emerging Smart Grid and IEC 61850 standards, SwiftGrid radio platform from Carlson Wireless will be available as a point-to-point backhaul radio as well as point-to-multipoint configurations for facility wide LAN coverage.

Real-time communication with decisive and reliable timing is critical to vital switching requirements that protect substation and distributed generation infrastructure such as wind farms. SwiftGrid is the first cost-effective synchronous radio platform that provides ultra-low and fixed latency of less than 4 milliseconds, making it completely transparent and compatible with all legacy TDM and future IP protocols.

Multiple OFDM modulation rates, channel sizes and channel center tuning allow for unprecedented spectrum flexibility and non-line-of-sight operation providing up to 24 Mbps (full duplex) throughput at distances beyond 100 km. First generation SwiftGrid™ is currently available in unlicensed 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz, 5.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands, and the public safety licensed 4.9 GHz band. Due to the flexible nature of the radio platform, 180 MHz to 280 MHz, 700 MHz as well as 6 GHz frequency bands will soon be available.

Carlson Wireless has been providing USA manufactured wireless broadband and telecommunications links for the utilities and telecom industries since 1999 with their popular Trailblazer radio line. SwiftGrid™ significantly expands their product offering to these sectors. “Synchronous low latency microwave has been our niche for over a decade.

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