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Siemens Control Systems Pass Interoperability Tests

Siemens' Spectrum Power range of power control systems and protection equipment, substation automation systems, and Ethernet switches satisfy all requirements specified by international standards IEC 61968 and IEC 61850 in the framework of future smart grid solutions.

The systems performed successfully in interoperability tests recently conducted at the French power utility EDF in Paris by the users' association Utilities Communications Architecture. The UCA tested the network control systems for data interchange capability in compliance with the power distribution management standard IEC 61968. Siemens' energy automation products passed the interoperability test called for by the communication standard for substation automation, IEC 61850.

The interoperability tests prove that the Siemens products for automating power systems can be integrated into systems comprising products made by other manufacturers without posing any interface problems.

In the IEC 61968 test, the Siemens network control systems satisfied all the data exchange criteria of the CIM (Common Information Model) standard. IEC 61968 defines standards for the integration of distribution network management solutions, including the data model for distribution networks to the CIM standard. The IEC 61850 interoperability test was performed on Siemens' Siprotec protection relays, the Sicam PAS substation control system, and Ethernet switches of the Scalance series.

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