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Sets Accurately Test Insulating Oils in Lab Conditions

Sets Accurately Test Insulating Oils in Lab Conditions

Developed specifically to deliver accurate and repeatable results for tests carried out on insulating oils under laboratory conditions, test sets in Megger’s new OTS-AF range feature convenient fully automatic operation, based on preloaded international test standards, as well as support for user-defined test sequences to meet special requirements. New test standards can also be readily uploaded to the instruments via a USB Flash drive.

Three models are offered in the OTS-AF range. The OTS100AF has a maximum test voltage of 100 kV, while the OTS80AF tests at up to 80 kV and the OTS60AF at up to 60 kV. All models have a bright 3.5" color display to aid setting up and to display results, and all have an integral keypad to facilitate the entry of test IDs, file names and notes.

A fast trip detection circuit with direct measurement of both current and voltage is provided, and the instruments include facilities for measuring the temperature of the oil sample under test.

A key feature of the OTS-AF test sets is the convenient and accurate electrode spacing adjustment system, which incorporates a unique locking facility that prevents the spacing from being altered accidentally while testing is in progress. The instruments also use a novel form of molded shatter-resistant test vessel that is easy to clean and has a convenient integral pouring lip.

Equally suitable for use with mineral, silicon, high molecular weight hydrocarbon (HMWH) and ester – both synthetic and natural - insulating liquids, the new test sets incorporate a transparent lid for the test chamber, which enables the progress of the test and the color of the oil to be readily observed.

To aid safe operation, the lid is protected and electrically shielded by a screen with multiple links to the instrument ground, and is fitted with a dual-redundant system that instantly cuts off the high voltage if any attempt is made to open it while a test is in progress. Tests can also be terminated instantly by pressing any of the buttons on the keypad.

OTS-AF test sets are fitted as standard with three USB interfaces to facilitate connection to PCs, USB Flash drives, external printers and barcode scanners. All models are supplied with a copy of Megger’s PowerDB Lite asset and data management software, which provides versatile facilities for downloading and printing results, and for generating reports.

Options available for the OTS100AF, OTS80AF and OTS60AF test sets include a built-in matrix printer that produces non-fading printouts, a motorised impeller system for stirring samples during testing, a low-volume test vessel, and an accessory voltage check unit.

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