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SensorTran Joins Leading Smart Grid Energy Consortium

SensorTran, Inc. has joined the GridWise Alliance, a leading consortium of public and private stakeholders focused on transforming the nation’s electric grid. SensorTran will join more than 50 companies, including Cisco, GE, IBM, and SAP, with the collective objective of leveraging innovative new technologies to make the electric grid more efficient, cost-effective, resilient, secure, and reliable.

A key difference between the Smart Grid and the traditional electric power system will be the injection of renewable energy and consumer-generated surplus power, making it critical to control variable, bi-directional flows of electricity. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), more than $16 trillion will be spent worldwide between 2003 and 2030 in pursuit of the Smart Grid vision.

SensorTran DTS technology enables real-time, dynamic temperature measurements across power cables and serves the critical role of dynamic load management for a Smart Grid infrastructure. Using DTS, utility companies will be able to accurately monitor electrical capacity – known as Ampacity – by using actual rather than estimated temperature data, enabling optimal circuit management.

“As collaboration and innovation are critical to any major industry transformation, we are pleased to have SensorTran as part of the Alliance," said Guido Bartels, chairman, GridWise Alliance. "With the new energy bill that passed in 2007, Congress has signaled a significant shift in our nation's energy policy. By having companies like SensorTran join the Alliance, we are advancing our strategy of building a broad national consensus for implementing these Smart Grid concepts."

“Smart Grid represents a significant upgrade for utilities, and DTS technology plays a critical role in this effort,” said Kent Kalar, CEO and president of SensorTran. “For both transmission and distribution systems, real-time temperature data can not only help extend the life of the existing infrastructure, but also improve the management of dynamic circuit and feeder loads. SensorTran is committed to helping realize the promise of the Smart Grid, and joining the GridWise Alliance is a key step in our efforts to make this vision a reality.”

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