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SensorTran, J-Power Systems Announce Initiative to Establish Standards for Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing

SensorTran Inc. and J-Power Systems Corp. have created an international working group for distributed optical monitoring solutions. The International Distributed Optical Performance Testing Standards (IDOPTS) working group will develop uniform standards for performance and specifications to give potential buyers the ability to properly and accurately evaluate solutions on the market.

“Joining forces to develop optical monitoring standards with an industry leader like J-Power Systems will provide much needed clarity in the market,” said Kent Kalar, CEO of SensorTran. “This industry has existed without performance specifications for too long, and there has been a great deal of confusion related to the measurement of different solutions. IDOPTS will enable companies in the oil and gas, energy, utility and environmental industries to accurately evaluate distributed optical monitoring products.”

Specifically, IDOPTS performance standards will focus on creating uniform performance definitions, methods for testing, testing protocols and performance calculation methods to provide:

  • Assurance – Assure both customers and stakeholder groups of quality, reliability and performance
  • Simplicity – Provide easier conformity assessment
  • Growth – Enable market growth through increased customer confidence, trust and belief in the technology

“J-Power Systems’ primary corporate policy is to place first priority on customer satisfaction. I believe launching this joint initiative with one of the most innovative companies like SensorTran will result in improvement of customers’ satisfaction, and future growth of the DTS industry,” said Junichi Kaito, general manager, Power Information Systems Department of J-Power Systems Corp.

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