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Sealed Pressure Sensors Survive Harsh Environments

Kavlico has launched a line of sealed industrial pressure sensors that incorporate a stainless steel diaphragm in an all welded 304L stainless steel housing, making them well-suited for hostile environment applications. The sensors use Kavlico's oil-filled piezo-resistive (PRT) sensing technology along with a state-of-the-art ASIC. Rugged by design, the sensors are capable of operating with a wide array of fluids and gases that are compatible with stainless steel.

Pressure ranges are available from 0 - 100 through 0 - 5,000 PSI absolute or sealed gage for the models P251/P251R and 0 - 6 through 0 - 400 Bar for the models P250/P250R. The P250/P251 operate on a 5 Vdc power supply and provide a ratiometric 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc linear amplified output proportional to pressure while the P250R/P251R have an internal regulator and operate on 9 to 32 Vdc while providing a regulated 5 Vdc or 10 Vdc linear amplified output proportional to pressure. Each sensor is temperature compensated and exhibit excellent EMI/RFI rejection capability. The high reliability sensors have an over-pressure capability of 2X FSO (Full Scale Output) and have been designed to operate in situations with large over-pressure spikes.

A wide variety of 12 standard electrical and 10 standard process connection options allow the sensors to be configured to meet each end-users application-specific requirement.

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