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S&C Electric Company Establishes Power Systems Services Operation in Europe

S&C Electric Co. has created a Power Systems Services division for Europe, a milestone in the company’s expansion of its international service operations that will help enhance power reliability and green resource integration into the world’s power grid.

The Europe Power Systems Services operation, located in Manchester, England, will focus on improving electrical service reliability and efficiency through the expansion of service offerings such as consulting on renewable energy and grid automation, training services and system design, build, and installation consultation.

“Electric utilities in Europe and around the world are addressing unprecedented challenges, like meeting renewable energy portfolio standard requirements and reducing peak loads,” says Andrew Jones, managing director, S&C Electric Co. Europe. “Utilities, and the businesses and consumers who rely on their services, need counsel from professionals with deep grid expertise to help navigate these changes and meet increasingly stringent power standards.”

As such, the company announced the appointment of Mick Barlow to lead S&C’s regional services operation. Barlow, one of the founders of Power Technologies International’s European office in 1990, brings more than 35 years of relevant industry experience to S&C.

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