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Relay Test System Offers Direct Front-Panel Interface

The MTS-5000 from Manta Test Systems is an all-in-one relay test system with a direct front-panel interface for all functions. The system is suitable for testing and calibration of protection and control relays, simulation of power system phenomena, and verification of voltage, current, phase, and power transducers.

The test system features steady-state testing, dynamic testing - step/ramp/state sequence, transient waveform testing and GPS time-synchronized testing.

The system has intuitive operation and productivity for common tasks. It offers high VA current output channels and realistic fault quantitites and waveforms (even under ordinary manual testing). It also comes with data memory plus USB memory drive interface.

The applications include overcurrent, under/overvoltage, directional overcurrent, distance, frequency, line differential, transformer differential (1-phase, 3-phase), bus differential, capacitor protection, out-of-step, synchrocheck, reclosing, breaker failure, lockout, time-delay, and auxiliary relays.

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