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Relay Simplifies Feeder Protection Retrofit

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has announced the availability of the SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relay. With its compact size and panel-mount design, the SEL-751A is the right fit for switchgear applications and electro-mechanical retrofit. Flexible protection options, combined with advanced automation and communications features, make the SEL-751A suitable for industrial and utility applications.

Reduce engineering effort by quickly integrating the SEL-751A into existing communications networks. Ethernet and serial communications, including IEC 61850, MIRRORED BITS, Modbus, and other protocols, offer many options. Customize integration and automation functions with SELOGIC control equations, using analog and digital quantities.

Arc-flash hazards seriously threaten personnel and equipment. The SEL-751A reduces arc-flash hazards in several ways:

  • Limit available energy by coordinating feeder protection with motor and bus protection, using powerful logic and communications capabilities.
  • Automatically switch to instantaneous settings while performing maintenance for faster clearing times and less available arc-flash energy.
  • Remotely access event data and other relay features with built-in communications to stay outside the danger zone.
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