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Recloser Features Integrated Electronic System

Combining multiple functions into a single intelligent system, Cooper Power Systems has announced the availability of its new ARIES recloser, which comes equipped with an integrated electronic system. Designed to save installation time and increase lineworker efficiency for utility companies, the three-phase ARIES recloser also provides overall safety in any weather condition.

The new recloser provides protection, metering, data acquisition, customization and communications for all integrated advanced system automation applications. Equipped to be automation-ready, the ARIES recloser provides integrated ProView software and Form 6 functionality. With no external control box and no batteries required, the ARIES recloser is easier to deploy, integrate and automate.

"The ARIES recloser marks a fundamental shift and tremendous improvement in traditional recloser technologies. Customers will experience increased productivity by deploying an intelligent and integrated automation solution on the grid," said Dennis Walder, global product manager, Overhead Switchgear, Cooper Power Systems.

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