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Power Quality Analytical Software Features Wireless Communications

WinScan ProVision is the latest release of PMI’s WinScan power quality analytical software for PCs. Virtually everything about WinScan ProVision’s graphical user interface (GUI) has been redesigned – it’s easier to use and more flexible in the way it helps users manage and report real-time power quality data.

With WinScan ProVision’s wireless communications features users can remotely initiate, schedule, download and manage multiple PQ recorders from within a single GUI. All recorder settings are viewable and configurable in real-time on a laptop or desktop PC. Once the real-time PQ data is downloaded to the computer, WinScan ProVision gives control over the way it’s viewed, managed and reported. The user determines the way the software searches and accesses files. The user can choose the scale, colors and font styles for viewing and printing.

WinScan ProVision transforms real-time and stored PQ data into an array of colorful charts and graphs that make it easy to track long-term trends and identify problems during triggered events:

• Event Change Report
• Interval Report
• Single Cycle Voltage Histogram
• Significant Change Report
• Power Outage Report
• Flicker Reports
• Abnormal/Loose Neutral Report

Voltage, Current & Power:

• Interval Graph & Report
• Out of Limits Report
• Histogram Graph Report
• Daily Profile Graph

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