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Power Analyzer Enables Precise Cost Allocation, Control

The new EM26-96 Series Compact Power Analyzers from Carlo Gavazzi provide both utility metering and electrical parameters analysis and control - harmonics included. The analyzers also offer MID compliance, three digital outputs and RS485 communication port, harmonic analysis up to the 15th harmonic and a dual-color backlit LCD display. The backlit LCD display's color automatically changes in case of alarm.

Some other technical features include:

· Class B according to EN50470-1-3, Class 2 (kVARh) according to EN62053-23
· Accuracy ±0.5 RDG (current/voltage)
· Variables readout: 4 digit; Energy analyzer readout: 7+1 digit ; Hour counter readout: 6+2 DGT
· System variables: VLL, VLN, A dmd, VA, VA dmd, VA dmd max, W, W dmd, W dmd max, var, PF, Hz, Phasesequence; Single phase variables: VLL, VLN, A, VA, W, var, PF
· Energy measurements: total and partial kWh and kvarh or based on 4 different tariffs; single phase measurements
· Harmonic analysis (FFT) up to 15th harmonic (current/voltage)
· Gas, cold water, hot water, kWh remote heating measurements
· 3 digital inputs for tariff selection, DMD synch or gas/water (hot-cold) and remote heating metering (on request)
· 3 digital outputs for pulses or for alarms or as a mix of them (on request)
· RS485 serial output (on request)
· Universal power supply: 18 to 60VAC/DC, 90 to 260AC/VDC
· Dual color backlight: no backlight, blue or white (selectable)
· 96x96mm front panel with IP50 protection
· MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) "annex MI-003" compliant

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