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Partial Discharge Instrument Provides New Way to Test Transformers

Partial discharges often occur due to impending insulation faults when electrical and acoustic pulses are sent out simultaneously. OMICRON's PDL 650 localizes the acoustic signals using multiple sensors spread out over the transformer. The PDL software then calculates the fault location based on the time difference between the incoming signals.

Combined capabilities for faster analysis
The PDL 650 can be combined with the MPD 600. An MPD 600 reliably measures and analyzes electrical partial discharge pulses and is connected to the PDL 650 via a fiber optic cable. UHF measurements can serve as an additional signal input. This allows partial discharges to be localized more quickly, even in environments with lots of interference factors.

Simple display
The 3D depiction of the transformer is particularly useful. The PDL software calculates the position of the PD fault and then represents this in a 3D model of the transformer. The user can then rotate the model in all directions. New transformer models can be created as they are developed, ensuring that the software is prepared for future innovation.

Available at all times
The "Record" function offers new functionalities. It allows complete measurements to be recorded and then played back at a later point in time. All data is saved without changes, therefore the measurement can still be used many years later for comparison or even analyzed at a later date by experienced experts.

Clearly structured summaries of measurements
In many cases, a test report may be desired or even stipulated. At the touch of a button, the PDL software compiles a printable report of the measurements. This makes the PDL 650 an ideal system for localizing and analyzing partial discharges and tracing back results.

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